About LilyBlack

I want to make kawaii with everyone ♥

Through LilyBlack's SNS, LilyBlack was born from the desire to interact with followers and create kawaii together.

At Lily Black

I want you to make 〇〇 clothes.

I want you to write an article about 〇〇.

I want it to be a 〇〇 site.

The goal is to actively incorporate such opinions and create kawaii together ♡

Why don't you wear your favorite clothes and become who you want to be?

At LilyBlack, we are also developing products with LilyBlack's SNS followers so that you can wear the clothes you want to wear ♥

Through clothes of LilyBlack,

To be “the person I want to be”

It's the happiest thing for us (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡